What We Offer


Not sure where to begin, or even if you need a website designer? I offer a free initial consultation up to 1 hour, available over the phone, video call, or in person (Rexburg only). Let's discuss what your needs may be and I can tell you the best route to take-even if it's not with me.

Domain Registration

I can provide domain registration so you can secure your own custom domain. I can also work with domains that have already been purchased and am fully capable of transferring and changing name servers if necessary. Let's find out what will work best for YOUR project!

Website Design

WordPress is one of the largest and most supported content management systems in the world. The WordPress platform powers over 1/3 of the internet's websites! Creating a website in WordPress allows you to have maximum customization, usability, and compatibility.

Web Hosting

I'm happy to host your website for you or work with your existing hosting account if you have one. Web hosting can include custom email addresses @ your domain, SQL databases for dynamic websites, backups, spam protection, and more.

Website Development

WordPress websites have an almost unlimited ability for customization, however, there are times when even those options need customized! I'm happy to work through the most complicated requests and help you get the right solution for your specific needs.


Websites are almost never one-and-done. I can provide regular website updates for a reasonable fee paid annually, or I can even give you training to perform most routine website changes yourself. A hybrid option is also available if you feel comfortable making most minor changes on your own but want the security of a professional if needed.

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